Too Much

Everyone is an individual there is no arguing that. We all have our distinct experiences and opinions as a result of them. So it takes time to truly get to know and understand a person past the initial first impression.

Now I’d love to know how the h*** I am supposed to explain who I am to a college throw piece of paper. There is no way I am going to be able to reflect who I am or what I could be on a single paper even a generic one like the “Common App”. Now I won’t be arrogant and claim that I am the only one wrestling with this issue because it would seem ridiculous to believe that a single piece of paper could represent a person’s life.

The college process has already ramped up in expectations and pressures, now it has become almost an assumption that after high school is college. Even though I am fully for a more educated population I think this is the wrong approach to take. Not everyone is destined to be a neuroscientist, so why live our lives like we are?

In my mind there has to be a way to fix this system because it is certainly broken. It might have made sense for everyone to attend college 20 years ago back when college was more affordable. Now this practice is just crippling my generation with debt and a degree that becomes quickly outdated. The dilemma is that most of the most dull entry level jobs require a college degree, jobs that don’t pay enough to cover student loan payments leading to people digging themselves even deeper.

I don’t think there is a cut in stone solution for this problem but I do believe there needs to be a change within our education system, whither it be that we start job specific training earlier within high school or we find a way to lower the cost of education something has to be done.