Modern society really has conflicting views on sleep. Ask any teenager they will tell you that they love sleeping and do every chance they get. They love it for the dreams and the escape (ya I know I talked about that). But ask most adults and they say the complete opposite. In the words of Nas “sleep is the cousin of death”. So sleep exists as an utter paradox.

With maturity comes the realization that all of our days are numbers so they should be seized each and every one of them (another repeat idea). So as teenager we are stuck in a tough spot; we want to spend every moment Yolo-ing to the max and enjoying our youth, but it is tough to do this when sleep is the only thing I ever dream about. It forces a never-ending cycle of late nights of homework on the week days only to lead to weekends with all nighters and no rest.

With only two days of true freedom is feels hard to justify spending them sleeping so I try to take advantage of them but that only comes back to bite me. It’s burning the candle at both ends. Teens are screwed because they have enough days left in their life that they need to be spent sleeping but in the mind too much is never enough so we try to spend every moment doing something.

This feeling comes from the fact that our world is never stagnant. Every moment has to be spent doing something, even if that is checking twitter or updating Facebook, the idea of doing nothing has become absurd in the minds of modern americans. Everything has to be rushed, done as efficiently as possible to save time.

This is my biggest grievance with this rushing around (not that I myself am free of guilt for it). Constantly we focus on the idea of saving time we make faster cars, messaging, internet, music, television. We abridge what can’t be sped up and spark note the rest, all for the sake of saving time. Now comes an inconvenient truth that most people aren’t willing to face, time can’t be saved it can only be spent.

Contrary to popular belief there is no bank to keep saved time in, when a moment passes it is gone forever. So why do we squander our limited time rushing around?


Been On

(Disclosure: This is just me b****ing about society and my thoughts on it because I’m at least mediocre at it so why not)

I honestly spent as much time searching for an adequate title as I did writing this post. I know I’m honestly just about the only one who reads this so why not write it as such.

I’d call myself a dreamer. I spend almost all of my time dreaming; in school, at work, at night. It doesn’t even matter what it’s about I just love dreaming. It is a great escape for the imagination. Just because I spend my time dreaming doesn’t mean I feel like I need to escape my reality, it just means I’m idealistic and imagine a bigger picture. Even if to me that bigger picture is scheming how to make my car go faster or finding a job over the summer that won’t be miserable.

In the words of Dave Matthew’s “We are all just a collection of cells overrating ourselves” it feels nice to dream of a bigger picture when imagining how truly insignificant we are in the grand scheme of the universe.

The only reason this can be problematic is because we live in a world of realists. Anyone with a big idea is shot down quickly. If something is not completely certain people tend to disregard it, if any idea is too outlandish it is not even proposed anymore. Its a delicate balance.

Part of this comes from our upbringing. We are taught to accept the facts of reality far before we are ready at too young of an age. We often are troubled by things well beyond our control and are forced to face them before we are ready. This is what is killing off the dreamers of our world. This exposure to the harshness, it is what prevents America from becoming the land of opportunity because we are now taught that opportunity is only for the rich and it only comes after exploitation.

While sometimes it is good to be realistic (maybe a rocket powered skateboard wasn’t my best idea), I think it is important to occasionally have dreams because when combined with ambition dreaming can lead to success beyond imagination. They call it the American Dream for a reason.