(PHOTO BY BUSINESS INSIDER) Armed police advance toward unarmed media

(PHOTO BY BUSINESS INSIDER) Armed police advance toward unarmed media

First articles back are always fun. Trying to clear some of the rust off of the typing fingers and writing mind. To try to make the transition back smooth I took an article on Ferguson, Missouri. It seemed a pretty clean-cut story, police kill teen,¬†people riot. Both sides seem to be in the wrong. After the research I did it felt impossible to keep the article unbiased. That why I’m going to formally dedicate this first blog to about how unjust the United States justice system currently is.

It is insane to think that the officer responsible for the shooting might not even be charged with a crime. There is NO reason why he should have fired¬†Brown, who apparently was running away. The officer says that he was assaulted and his face was bruised but that’s why officers carry tazers or pepper spray. Unloading 6 shots is never the answer when the “suspect” is not clearly armed.

Am I really supposed to believe that this teenager after being asked to stop walking in the road by Officer Darren Wilson, chose to throw the officer back into his car and start beating him? In what situation is the plausible, I don’t care how much you hate the police or how stupid you are that is just not something that happens in the real world.

Then just because the first part didn’t seem ridiculous enough they claim that after finishing beating Wilson, Brown walked away, was told to freeze by the Wilson then turned said “What you’re going to shoot me” then charged?

Just ran straight at the officer which is when the officer supposedly started shooting.Well according to Fox News that is.

So if this is really what happened where are the photos of the injured officer? Or proof that Brown was running in the direction of the officer? I can’t understand why if there is proof that this happened why the police are choosing to withhold it. The American people have a right to the truth.

There has been less actual reporting than mere speculation. Sources like Fox News and the Washington Post publishing that the officer had been injured without naming a source or doing the work to find a photograph of the officer in the hospital. If the officer really was beaten the first thing he would have done was take a picture to show the damage. Similar to what George Zimmerman did after his shooting with Trayvon Martin, while he might have shot the teen there is a photograph of him bleeding from his nose to provide some proof of an assault.

Where is this bloody photo of Wilson? I am willing to believe this story if maybe there was even a faint amount of concrete proof. I just find it hard to believe a group that instead of providing the truth to protestors, loaded up their assault rifles and hid behind their riot shields.