Something Good Can Work

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.37.00 PMI have a dream, that one day, my children will be able to will be able to watch videos on the internet without having to sift through ads. But the more time passes the less I believe that the dream will come true.

I remember a time before ads on youtube, before the required “wait” before you can skip the ad. Before VEVO created a monopoly over music on youtube forcing their adverting into every free space on the screen.

The worst part, more often than not, is that the ads themselves take time to buffer. Like not only am I being forced to endure this ad marketing me some completely irrelevant product, but I have sit and wait for this ad to load. Seriously.

I just wish I could escape the constant onslaught on products being forced down my face for more than a minute. In a world surrounded by branding and profit minding people I just wish for once that these companies would realize that their ads don’t make people want to buy a product they make the people resent that company for interrupting their videos.




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