Students try tirelessly to justify lack of snow days

After experiencing their first snow day on 2/17/15, Mariemont students struggle to remind themselves that even though Mariemont has had the least snow days of any of the surrounding districts, it is for a good reason.

“There were a couple times when we had delays that I was upset about at first, it seemed dangerous to be on the road,” said fifth year senior Flynn Erikeson. “I almost crashed into a puppy orphanage, but then I remembered it was ok. We had school because we would have a lot more snow later in the season”

As March quickly approaches students hold firmly to their belief that they were justifiably robbed of prior snow days.

“I heard there is going to be a cold front that stays all the way until July,” said junior Zack Charlie. “I can’t wait till all the other schools have blizzard bag work and we don’t, it’ll be so nice to finally rub it in their faces”

Charlie was blissfully unaware of the policy changes that had occurred at Mariemont incorporating more snow days into the year and removing the need for the blizzard bag program.

“At the end of the day if I am just going to spend the day sitting around watching Netflix, I might as well be in the school building,” said Charlie.


7 thoughts on “Students try tirelessly to justify lack of snow days

  1. Hunter Thiers says:

    Completely agree with what Charlie is saying! I would much rather have more snow days left and just have a day or two where we don’t do much of anything at school!

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